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    Ninja 2 - Inflatable Vibrating Masturbator- Otouch

    Manufacturer: OTOUCH
    Ninja 2 - Inflatable Vibrating Masturbator- Otouch
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    DIY Vagina Sex Toy For Male Inflatable Masturbator Accommodator - NINJA2

    DIY Vagina Sex Toy For Male

    NINJA2 is a New DIY sex toy for men from OTOUCH! This luxury DIY masturbator has a nice, discreet case.

    NINJA2 DIY masturbator is also silent and reusable.

    NINJA2 DIY sex toy for men features 7 vibration patterns.

    NINJA2 accommodator sex toy for men is very easy to switch between the different functions with the buttons on top.

    NINJA2 DIY sex toy has an inflatable chamber, it can clamp and shrink your penis according to your favorite. Its manual inflatable pump is at the top.

    The soft silicone interior features ribbed patterns that provide optimal stimulation for your penis. Always use some lubricant on the penis for extra comfort. Clean the toy after use with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. 

    NINJA2 DIY sex toy for men

    NINJA2 DIY sex toy for men features 7 vibration patterns. PEOPLE WITH PENISES LOVE USING VIBRATORS TOO.

    Vibrators are not exclusive to women. The best vibrators for men have the power to transform your sex life. Did you know that penis vibrators are erection enhancers?

    Not only make your erections stronger, but they can also help maintain longer erections and help you consistently delay ejaculation. This is especially beneficial for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. They are basically organic, non-chemical alternatives to the little blue organic pills that have good vibrations.

    So, how do you get the benefits?

    By placing the toy on your penis of the NINJA2 DIY masturbator cup, the vibrating stimulation will wake you up faster and have more blood flowing to the penis. As with Viagra, pumps, rings, and other penis enhancers, the key to a full erection is blood flow. Due to vibrational stimulation, more blood flows freely to the penis, resulting in better erectile function and faster, longer-lasting erections.

    What's more, adding a male masturbation toy, such as a vibrating masturbator cup. You'll feel harder, leading to increased penetration during intercourse, increased confidence in you, and a better sexual experience for both of you - because we all know that nothing is sexier than confidence. When your partner is rewarded with targeted clitoral stimulation, it can lead to exciting orgasms for you.

    NINJA2 diy sex toy for men

    Inflatable? Discover more fun! 

    Upgrading from a manual vibrator to a male vibrator can take your masturbation to the next level. Sure, you've been using only your hands for years, we get it, but using a male vibrator as a massager during masturbation will make you feel like you're on your maiden voyage.

    Our patented design makes the airplane cup even more playable, whether you're a novice or a veteran. It's a whole new experience.

    Have you ever experienced her clamping her vagina down hard on your cock during sex?

    Yes, NINJA2 DIY sex toy for men has an inflation pump at the top. Its penis sleeve is inflatable. Adjust the vagina with your favor.

    NINJA2 DIY sex toy's manual inflatable pump is at the top. You can clamp and shrink your penis according to your favorite.

    sucking stocker

    The NANJA2 DIY sex toy for men has all the fun features of a discrete male masturbator but in a size more suitable for different men. With an innovative inflatable feature that allows you to customize it for more penis squeezing sensations at any given moment, this electric DIY masturbator is the perfect addition to your next date.

    For an even better experience, you can also add more pressure with the "inflatable chamber". Located in two different positions, these squeeze zones allow you to feel the tightening sensation in the center of the penis, the glans, or the entire penis.

    The male penis is covered with the nervous system. The strong vibrations and gentle squeezing kept you going for a long time.

    NANJA2 DIY sex toy for men is perfect for those out-of-town business meetings, solo trips, or when you don't want to wake your partner from a deep sleep.

    sucking toy for men

    Clamp While Vibrating

    Vibrations have always been a constant theme in masturbators, but when your cock is being vibrated and squeezed. How long can you hold out?

    The NANJA2 accommodator sex toy achieves that goal.

    If a male masturbator that only has a vibrating function is no longer enough to satisfy your desires.

    Then the NANJA2 accommodator sex toy also allows you to feel the pleasure of being vaginally clenched.

    OTOUCH is always in pursuit of the most realistic electric male adult toys, we in each male sex toy after 3 to 4 months of testing, each engineer needs to submit their own feelings of use. This way we can better approach the user needs. We also invite our friends to help us test our products.

    Our friends told our designers that men's penis desires to be squeezed vagina and it is easier to reach orgasm by the vagina.

    But we also have a purpose to exercise men's sexual staying power, so that you do not ejaculate so quickly. So we added the vibration function, this way you can get a hands-free male masturbator cup. How do you think of it?

    DIY masuturbator

    A good hands-free masturbator cup must have the charging function.

    The NANJA2 DIY Masturbator for men is equipped with a 300 mAh internal battery that will keep vibrating your cock for 60 minutes after a full charge.

    Can you imagine your penis being squeezed and vibrated at the same time?

    I tried it and it's not bad.

    bady safe sex toy

    NANJA2 male DIY masturbator is a 100% safe male body toy

    Sex toys touch the most sensitive, vulnerable parts of the human body, and we often discuss the safety of some sex toys, the safety of their use, or the safety of their materials.

    Are you worried too?

    Silicone TPR/TPE and ABS materials are the most used materials in adult toys.

    But it's hard for regular people to distinguish between them. otouch is known for its seven-year integrity brand, and we sell countless sex toys. All of them are made of medical-grade materials. It is completely harmless to human skin.

    Our silicone material is also used to make baby pacifiers, bottles, and other baby products. We have 12 years of experience to identify if the material is safe and harmless.

    You don't have to worry about this problem when you choose any of OTOUCH's sex toys.

    Penises are sensitive and fragile and cannot be subjected to hard impacts, so we use soft silicone. It can even mimic the feel of a real vagina.

    OTOUCH strives to be the best in all areas of sex toys to provide the most perfect & safe sex toys for our customers.

    sex toy for men

    The Silent Vibrator Every Stealth Masturbator Needs

    You may not really want your roommates, families or neighbors (there are some thin-walled apartments out there) to know what you're doing, or the sound may just be bothersome when you're trying to relax. You may also just want to masturbate with a sex toy without letting your girl know.

    Adding sex toys to your masturbation routine can reap a variety of benefits. Sex toys can add some extra stimulation and help you explore your body in a way that you can during alone time.

    But some vibrators are very loud, and there are many reasons why the buzzing sound can be annoying.

    No worry, OTOUCH NANJA2 DIY Vagina Sex Toy is a quiet sex toy for you, from oral stimulators to vibrators, to help every invisible masturbator have a pleasurable sexual experience in peace.

    Less than 60DB of noise, even when you put the penis deep inside the nose will be less than 40DB.

    This can completely solve your worries.

    male sex toy

    Simple operation of the male masturbator

    OTOUCH NANJA2 DIY Vagina Sex Toy is very simple to use.

    1. Prepare some body-lube.
    2. Insert your penis.
    3. Turn on the vibration function.
    4. Press the top inflatable and let your cock be squeezed.

    By testing each vibration frequency find out your fav and find the best way to squeeze.

    You can free your hands and feel the pleasure from every nerve of your penis.

    Ps. If you are single, it is a good choice to prepare a sexually arousing porn movie. There's always an porn star that fascinates us, isn't it?

    big size sex toy for men

    About The Size Of DIY Vagina Sex Toy For Male Inflatable Masturbator Accommodator - NINJA2

    Inflatable Masturbator

    • Material: ABS+Silicone
    • Functions: 7* Vibrations + Adjustable Inflatable Clamping Vagina
    • Product Size: 94*92*227 mm
    • Giftbox Size: 120*120*260 mm
    • Weight: Appro 450g
    • Packing Details: Masturbation Cup, USB charging cable, user’s manual, storage bag
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    Andre | 1/19/2023 6:16 PM
    Super ... sensation extra ..à utiliser avec lubrifiant !
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    Guest | 9/28/2022 10:39 PM
    Merci pour cet excellent conseil Jern. Cet appareil est magique. Il se conforme à la taille de votre engin peu importe sa grosseur. La sensation est très réaliste. Silencieux et facile à tenir.
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Guest | 11/19/2021 8:22 AM
    Premierement je ne m'attendais pas du tout à ça. Très léger, c'est un masturbateur facile a utiliser. J'aime pouvoir gonfler l'intérieur pour etre plus serré, ça fonctionne tres bien. À utiliser avec du lubrifiant.
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