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    (0) Prostate massage

    Prostate massage

    Does prostate massage mean anything to you? It is simply a palpation / stimulation of the prostate. Doctors do it to treat certain problems in men. However, today, I suggest you shed some light on this ticklish subject in order to break the taboos surrounding pleasure stimu...

    (0) The advantages of online sex shops

    The advantages of online sex shops

    I would like to know ... how was your first visit to a sex shop? For my part, I was really embarrassed, I felt like a dog in a bowling game, you know the kind? I had plenty of questions, but I didn't even dare to ask them, yet I remember the couns...

    Sexperts tips you wish you'd had before
    (0) Sexperts tips you wish you'd had before

    Ah, if only youth knew...! Have you ever thought "Oh my God, I wish I had known that before"? Or think back to a naughty experience in your youth and say a big isssssssssssssssshhhh?

    I asked you, and many of you responded, so here's a compilation of Sexperts' advice you wish you'd known before! ...

    Small guide to choose your dildo
    (0) Small guide to choose your dildo

    Before visiting the dildo section of the Jern website, I never realized how much choice there was: vibrant, non-vibrant, double, small or large size, glass, strap on, lark! There is as much variety of dildos as there are pairs of shoes in my wardrobe (no joke, I could fit a whole village, you get th...

    (0) Lubricants

    The basics of fun - lubricants

    Let's start with the basics. Have you ever tried to go down a water slide without water? It's a pretty average experience, so it takes away a LOT of the desire to do it again, let's say (dry enough, can you handle it?)

    That's why lube is so important during ...

    (0) The presentations!

    Hey there, I'm Catherine! I'm super excited to be the new blogger for!

    "Menute, where did you come from?"

    I'm 35 years old, I'm an executive secretary, and I became a blogger a few months ago. Being curious by nature, I've always enjoyed reading and learning about a variety o...

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