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    Free gift - G Pleasure Finder - purple

    Point-G stimulator
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    G pleasure Finder is the perfect tool for people wishing to discover the pleasures of the G-spot. It is composed of two marbled acrylic balls, the small 1.5in (3.81cm) 
    and the large 1.75in (4.45cm) ball attached to a surgical steel rod. This allows you to focus only on stimulating your G spot without the distraction of stimulating your labia and vaginal walls.
    This can be an important feature for women who have not yet located their G spot. This wonder of simplicity can even be used to strengthen your vaginal muscles in order to strengthen your orgasms. No matter how you use it, we guarantee you'll
    know what a G spot is when you're done. Total length: 10.5 '' (26.67cm) Small ball diameter: 1.5 '' (3.81cm) Big ball diameter: 1.75 '' (4.45cm)


    Make yourself comfortable. Lie on your back. Choose the ball you are going to start with and apply some water or lubricant to the toy. Place the ball at the opening of your vagina, then rotate it while applying gentle pressure. The ball will spin easily inside and your muscles will close around the ball. To locate your G-spot, rotate the pacifier while gently moving it in and out until you find the best spot for you. You will definitely notice the difference. Once you find the spot, apply pressure and spin the pop, or use a sweeping motion similar to that of a windshield wiper. More experienced users may also find the thrust enjoyable, but we find beginners prefer the spin or sweep. You should never boil, heat or freeze this toy. To safely change the temperature without harming the toy (or yourself), place it in a bowl of warm or cold water and allow it to acclimate to the temperature before use. To remove your pacifier, twist the toy while pulling gently until it pops out. Sometimes women find that their muscles have tightened so much that the extraction is painful or even impossible. If this happens to you, rest assured that you can remove the toy yourself with a little patience. Take a warm bath and try again when your muscles have relaxed.

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