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    Changer de Sexe Pour Vivre Enfin : Le Long Combat de Manon Devenue Patrick

    Editor : Vivre enfin; 1st édition Autorr : Patrick Verret 544 pages
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    In my biography, I tell you about my life bluntly and in all simplicity. I broke the law of silence, this law that made me suffer so much. I didn't want to die without knowing the freedom to truly be myself. My education, very focused on the Catholic religion, complicated things a lot. Even today, I have to fight every day to learn to live with all these heavy memories engraved in my heart forever. For a few minutes, imagine yourself living in a body of the opposite sex, yet still being who you are. Have you thought about the daily ordeal of a child trapped in a body that in no way represents their true identity? Can we really be aware of the upheaval, the disdain of our body and our sex, our phobia of mirrors? Unanswered questions arise very early in our life. Knowledge, understanding, in short, the evolution of the world in the face of transsexualism will make all the difference in softening the lives of these children who have to face the harsh reality.

    Who is Patrick Verret?
    A man with a big heart who loves to help his neighbor. He is human, spiritual, courageous, determined, frank, direct, honest. You cannot change your convictions. Among other things, he dreams that his book will be known around the world in order to help as many suffering souls as possible, no matter how bad it is.

    Who was Manon?
    Very sensitive, Manon was a slave to her parents' love, a slave to her promise and her great secrets ... Her childhood was marked, among other things, by incomprehension, fear, doubt, incest, fear madness, fear of rejection, problems with socialization. Too early, she knows the problems of drugs and consumption, addictions, violence… But, her courage and her perseverance will allow her to finally experience her deliverance.


    Transidentity: testimony of an intersex person and their transition
    I have had many experiences, met many so-called marginalized people in order to better understand and help my neighbor regardless of nationality. The "different and misunderstood little girl" is today a happy man filled with love and wisdom. I had a big dream to share my story and the experiences of transgender, intersex and transgender people and children.

    At the very beginning, when I started to write this book, I was very scared. I lacked confidence since I am not an avid reader.

    One night, I received a message: "Patrick, never say that you lack writing tools again!" You went to the best school ever. Your best diploma will be your book! "

    So I pursued this goal with the primary goal of getting out of it and doing so, my own therapy. Much of my life has been spent in the hands of the family. My education, very focused on the Catholic religion, complicated things a lot. The ban on evolving and living as I should have consumed a lot of energy.

    The behavior adopted to go through this long tunnel strewn with suffering, was to go forward each day, to turn another page of an interminable chapter.

    Today I have no choice but to face my past, to face all these hurtful memories stored and etched in my mind. These painful images that I see again like a movie force me to scream, cry in short, to drain all these "lost" years. I am aware of one thing: I will never be able to forget these mental tortures; suffering from gender dysphoria; I have to learn to live with it since I can't change it. Looking back gives me the courage to move on, to bite into life.

    Right now, in full bloom, having performed gender reassignment surgery, I am the happiest man on earth. My head is filled with plans, dreams and hope. We are never too old to initiate and achieve our dearest dreams. I am the proof that we are what we plan to become. Our brains just record and execute.

    Having been through this long journey, my beliefs in divine forces are unshakeable. The Creator, my Spirit Guides and the deceased I loved, were all there to help me understand that I am the only master when it comes to the choices of my life: To be happy or to be unhappy. In reality, the sky does not abandon us; we are the ones who forget it. It comes down to saying: Help yourself and heaven will help you!

    Over the days, I have tried to sow love and forgiveness around me. My tiniest moments of escape, through prayer and meditation, nourished my spirit and cultivated my will. Today I am harvesting the love that I have for myself, the most important of all. I did this by putting an end to the law of silence, the one preached in

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